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The Financial Journey is a guided coaching program for solopreneurs, artists and small business owners who like having an advisor in their corner to lead, console, act as devil's advocate or accountability partner - and is priced low at $97/class to accommodate the growing pains many feel when first setting foot down this road.

The idea for this program is not new, but our approach is quite unique and deserves some explanation to you, the reader, who is making the tough decision of who to ask advice of on your own financial journey.

My name is Sarah Nadler.

On May 12th, 2018 my husband Ben and I embarked on a journey. We were jobless, homeless, living on a friend’s couch, with less than a thousand dollars between us and a beat up 1988 Toyota 4Runner with a bed built into the back.

One year and four months later, we owned our own home, making $80k a year working only 9-5 Monday thru Friday, and had vacationed in Hawaii, California and New Mexico and took a second honeymoon in Yosemite.

How did we do it?

Without charity. Without a single dime in benefits, disability or food stamps.

We made ONE decision that changed the course of our entire lives, and I’m not only going to tell you how we did it...

...I’m going to help you do it, too.

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Here is your free map to the Financial Journey coaching program. Schedule a free Money Road Map today. This is NOT a sales call. We will not try to convince you of anything you don't want to do. 

Simply get a free introductory session with one of our guides so you can make an informed decision of whether or not to join our incredible community. 

Not all who apply will qualify. 

The Money Mindset Formula

The Money Making Blueprint

The Money Mindset Formula


Stressed out, burnt out, feeling lost, empty or just wandering aimlessly without purpose or hope. 

The Financial Grip System

The Money Making Blueprint

The Money Mindset Formula


Overspending, buried by bills, overwhelmed and unable to dig yourself out.

The Money Making Blueprint

The Money Making Blueprint

The Money Making Blueprint


Learn the secrets of a millionaire. What is money, how does it flow through society and best of all, how to make it flow toward YOU.

The Self Care Club

The Diamond Future Formula

The Money Making Blueprint


Buried by failures and surrounded by overwhelming work, you can't make it to the finish line without self care. But the wrong kind can literally kill you! 

The Diamond Future Formula

The Diamond Future Formula

The Diamond Future Formula


Learn how to take control of the future and seed it with opportunity...before someone else does.

Life As A Journey

The Diamond Future Formula

The Diamond Future Formula


The road is rough and can be full of traps, but the game is worth playing. Learn the rules...and when it's okay to break them.

Indoor Money Mindset Masterclass

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Many people want to achieve financial freedom. So why are there so few of us who actually succeed?

Step inside the mind of 20+ year experienced rock climber & financial advisor Ben Nadler to take an in-depth look at what it means to 7x your income in a single year.

Co-founder of the Financial Journey coaching program, Sarah Nadler is a mindset coach with 11 years of experience helping over three hundred individuals achieve their personal, career and relationship goals. She unlocks the door to your Money Mindset with science-based tools and exercises to address anything holding you back from achieving the freedom and peace of mind you desire.